REBEL CARTEL is a new story and music production playground from globally recognized Glasshaus Studios. As part of the 50,000-member nonprofit NFTs.tips community, REBEL CARTEL merges transmedia storytelling with a community-sourced production model, establishing REBEL CARTEL as the next evolution in cultural production.


Our community is united with a special purpose, we aim to amplify and democratize underserved creatives by producing the most badass narratives, music and content to inspire our generation.


We are the rogues, the rebels, those who have been marginalized, disadvantaged, told we were crazy, that we should settle and get busy. We are the innovators, the rabble rousers, propagandists, those who stand up against bullies, against oppression and inequality. We are the creators, lovers of people and of nature. We are the ones who don’t need attention to thrive, the ones who create endlessly to empower ourselves with a sense of purpose and wander so regularly through the unknown that the uncommon becomes common.


We are a team of creatives from many disciplines: producers, directors, and writers, as well fine and digital artists, animators, sculptors and modelers, photographers and cinematographers, composers and musicians, engineers, community leaders and developers.


We stand for equality, creativity, inclusivity, diversity, and pushing the boundaries of human consciousness and expression. We believe that with elegant design and the right spirit, social operations can become an economic force multiplier and a means to generate prosperity for our community.


So, this is our community. Explorers at the edge of consciousness, we’re making something from nothing, order from chaos, and magic from the mundane.  We break rules artfully!