The Adventure Begins


Our story is of liberation. We are building a group with a will strong enough to bend the world around us. We are change makers, visionaries, founders, entrepreneurs, and people who have achieved success. Through our years of adversity and accomplishments we have found there is more to be gained when we band together.

Original artwork and production by Glasshaus Studios, Genesis Dragon Mask Collectibles grant owners special access to our animation incubator, courses, and  Rebel Production Ecosystem.




The Rebel verse is a rich framework for a vast story-world, spanning from the current age into the distant future run by advanced AI and simulated cities. Through the ages, our story reflects the ongoing quest of human liberation in the face of tyranny and the endless pursuit of expressing freedom and truth. Our animated series are broken into 3 different shows, each telling the tale of a different age. Power Shift is a series we are developing with our community animation incubator and is set close to the current age.


Rebel Plans

Phase-1 [COMPLETE]

  • Construct the Rebel Cartel story world  
  • Engage artists to create story world illustrations
  • Prototype and test print 3D Dragon Mask 
  • Launch of Rebel Cartel @ Art Basel Miami 2021 
  • Storyworld meets Real Life: 5 yachts on the Miami River, Rebel Cartel NFT exhibition @ Art Basel Miami 2021 
  • Build Rebel Cartel Metaverse and VR Production Studio [Rebelverse]
  • Develop Prototype Episodes for Power Shift
  • First Rebel Cartel Label partnership project: 86 Producers 


  • Launch open mint of 555 Rebel Characters
  • Build Community
    • Launch Apparel Drop 1
    • Story Incubator


  • Dragon Masks 3 Tier Collectible Drop
    • 5000 on Ethereum 
    • 5000 on Solana  
    • 10,000 on Bitcoin
  • Open Access to Custom Apparel for Beta Exploration And Production Purposes
  • Collaborations and giveaways 
  • Plan and host IRL and Virtual Events  (ie. Miami Art Week, Miami Tech Month, Metaverse concerts and exhibits) 



Chief Creative


Alexander Mazzei

Head of Rebelverse



Music Community Lead


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Lead 3D Artist


What is Rebel Cartel?

REBEL CARTEL is a culture brand crafting limited edition apparel drops, stories and collectibles. 

We believe in the power of story, showcasing artists and their incredible artwork and hope to build a decentralised studio in the future.

2 Chains, 1 Drop


Every great story ever told has a core similarity; compelling central characters where tales and lores are built upon. These Rebels each have a story, a history, hidden powers and abilities waiting for YOU to uncover as we build story world together.

○  The REBEL PFPs will be available to mint on (a TBD) date


The REBEL CARTEL PFP Collection will be available for purchase on both the SOLANA & ETHEREUM blockchains. Allocations for each chain will be divided equally. We recommend a Phantom Wallet for Solana and a MetaMask Wallet for Ethereum. (see below)

NFT Quantity

5k on Ethereum and 5k on Solana 

Why 2 drops on 2 Blockchains

Communities of creatives rely on the strength of diversity, including diversity of blockchain technology employed and available to the various productions we will be releasing as we move our story through the ages.

Plus two blockchains are better than one!

What is Solana?

  • Solana is a blockchain platform designed to host decentralized, scalable applications.
  • Solana can process many more transactions per second, and has much lower transaction fees than rival blockchains like Ethereum.

The Solana Wallet we will be utilizing is the Phantom Wallet

More about Solana: What is Solana

What is a Phantom Wallet? How do I get one?

Phantom makes it safe & easy for you to store, buy, send, receive, swap tokens, and collect NFTs on the Solana blockchain.

Safety precautions
Never give out your seed phrase nor take a picture of it. Write it on paper and keep it somewhere secure. 

Get wallet here:

What is Ethereum?

  • Ethereum is the most popular blockchain-based network after Bitcoin.
    “Ether” (ETH) is Ethereum’s native cryptocurrency, and it is traded just like
    Bitcoin. However, Ethereum is a general-purpose platform that is more
    than digital money. 
  • Ethereum is a host to other cryptocurrencies and smart
    contracts. It is the most popular platform for NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

The Ethereum wallet we are utilizing is the MetaMask Wallet

More about Ethereum:

What is a MetaMask Wallet? How do I get one?

MetaMask is a free crypto wallet software that can be connected to virtually any Ethereum-based platform.

This will allow you to store any assets you create or buy, as well as connect to any platform built on top of the Ethereum blockchain.

Safety precautions
Never give out your seed phrase nor take a picture of it. Write it on paper and keep it somewhere secure.

More about MetaMask: WHAT IS METAMASK?

Get wallet here:

Best Practices

Hardware or cold wallets are your safest options. 

Never give your seed phrase to anyone.

Do not click on unknown links.

Please note that WE WILL NOT DM YOU FIRST. You will receive many DMs and invites on Discord BUT we will NOT DM you. 

Do not click on unknown links from people you do not know.